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Training & Development

Training & Development

We take training and development very seriously. We are passionate about providing our associates with all of the skills and knowledge required to carry out their role effectively. We are also passionate about delivering an excellent customer experience uniquely tailored to the needs of our customers.

In order to achieve this we provide a comprehensive training programme which starts on Day 1.

Customer Experience & Product Knowledge

You will be provided with a warm welcome into the business and your new store. The induction period, which lasts 4 weeks for full-time associates and 6 weeks for part time associates, includes; how your store works, your role within the store, basic principles of stock merchandising, health & safety and till training,

You will learn about how to provide a unique customer experience and be able to offer the right products to a customer based on their specific needs.

During the Induction we provide a basic overview of vitamins and minerals, nutrition, protein powders, mass gainers, slimming, common customer training goals and associated problems.

Following successful completion of your Induction you will then move onto our Lifestyle Advisor level which covers in extensive detail; sport supplements & amino acids, advanced protein powders & mass gainers, general supplements, advanced vitamins & minerals, herbal remedies and common ailment enquiries.

The final stage is the Advanced Lifestyle Advisor Level which includes training on the skeletal, cardio vascular, muscular, respiratory and endocrine systems plus body types, preparation for competition and common ailments part 2.

Each level consists of a study workbook, an off-the-job workshop and in-store training, and is supported by reference materials and the experience, knowledge and guidance of your Manager.

Career Development Programmes

We take great pride in internally developing and nurturing talent of the future, providing opportunities to help individuals stretch and broaden their retail skills.

For individuals who wish to progress their retail career, we offer two exciting programmes.

The first programme develops Supervisors to become Managers. It is a six month programme supported by Store and Area Managers, and covers all operational processes and procedures associated with running a store, plus how to recruit, develop and manage your team effectively and how to manage a profitable business. The programme is supported by a comprehensive study workbook plus off the job opportunities and experiences and 5 workshops.

The second programme develops Store Managers to become Area Sales Managers. This is an 18 month programme and covers all aspects of the Area Sales Manager role and it is supported by 7 off the job workshops.